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Pure Raw Honey Comb Rounds > **VERY LIMITED SUPPLY** Full Complete Honeycomb Rounds
**VERY LIMITED SUPPLY** Full Complete Honeycomb Rounds

Orig. Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $24.95
Prod. Code: Comb-ROUND

Harvested in extremely small quantities. Raw Honeycomb Rounds are a rare & unforgettable delicacy. Honeybees make the wax comb filled with raw golden honey directly into the circular ring.This is the most raw form of honey available since it's sealed from within and delivered to you straight from the hive! The edible beeswax is sensuously soft and chewy and the golden honey is fruitful, complex and wonderfully delicious! This is 8oz of the finest wildflower honeycomb you will ever experience!

We recently received a very limited supply of these Honeycomb Rounds Get yours today while our supply lasts! 

Scroll down to see pictures of what the comb looks like in the complete package and when cut into...



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