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Our family is absolutely nutty about PECANS!  We own a 61 acre farm in South Georgia and grow some of the finest pecans in the world! We carry a full line of shelled, roasted/salted, candied and chocolate covered pecans...the best you've ever had... We think you'll find them to be a great compliment our full line of Gourmet Honey & unique Beeswax products...

Best of all...20% of Every Online Retail Purchase Goes to Support Catholic Education! 

For Catholic schools or organizations that are interested in fundraising opportunities, please contact us today...  nuts@PetesPecans.com

Thanks again for your interest in our Gourmet Pecans & Honey...try some today, you'll love these tasty treats!

The Bond Family

Natural Pecan Halves - 12 oz Bags
Orig.: From $15.95
Sale: From $13.95
Roasted/Salted Pecan Halves - 12oz BAGS
Orig.: From $15.95
Sale: From $13.95



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Enjoy our delicious honey, and remember...BeeHoly!